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We have a rich history of experience in risk contracting from the insurance and provider prospective, as well as start-ups and turnaround situations Our experience has produced millions of dollars in surplus payments to physicians, with management of accountable care for the Medicare population as part of our overall successful accomplishments.

We have the expertise to make you successful.

Pinnacle Perks

Pinnacle Perks was developed to help employee awareness of their healthcare options and, ultimately, save money .By examining your own claims data, you are able to identify cost–effective, high quality providers to participate in the program. Our healthcare smart–card reward program directs your employees to those very providers. Because your employees earn points towards rewards for those good choices, everyone benefits

The Pinnacle Perks program is not just about rewards. The healthcare smart-card contains a personal heath record for each of your employees, which helps to provide accurate and consistent medical data to participating providers . It is a fact that well–coordinated care means better outcomes. Visit to learn more.

ACO Quality Now

ACO Quality Now's Management Software provides a flexible set of solutions to effectively manage your organization's quality program. Easily manage, track and report your quality metrics in real-time, comply with regulations and standards necessary in the new healthcare environment, and drive continuous improvement across all areas of your ACO business with ACO Quality Now's user-friendly management software application.


  • Allows capture of patient data in real-time from anywhere at anytime.
  • Identifies patient gaps in care.
  • Tracks patient data for use with the CMS GPRO system.
  • Interfaces with the Pinnacle Perks healthcare smartcard program.

Visit to learn more.

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